Complete New Builds

Mastertek are experts in building all types of new properties from scratch. We begin the process by discussing plans, drawings and specifications which outline the structural work required all the way through to the final finishes. From these specifications we compile detailed costings and work to organise time scheduling to suit your requirements.

When entering into the construction of a new build property there are many considerations where planning and organisation are vital to a successful project. Mastertek have years of experience dealing with architects, engineers, surveyors, designers and project managers who all play an important role in completing the build. It is these relations that will help to ensure a quality result which is on time and within budget.

Our experienced company can construct and build any type of new build project. From small to large family homes, blocks of flats, schools, offices and other commercial buildings. Our structural expertise is second to none and our wealth of skilled experience will make sure your new build project becomes a reality.

Call Mastertek today on 0207 859 4598 and speak with one of our professional team to discuss your new build.

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